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MBA Internship Training Details

DLK Career Development Center offers a way for the students to work with live application by offering a internship program. We will be encouraging the students to work with Real time projects.

About MBA Internship Training

At DLK Career Development Center servies MBA Internship in Chennai is an splendid manner of attracting talent to your profession. It is a value-powerful manner to have a professional MBA pupil with global work experience, bringing fresh thoughts and inspiration to address one-off initiatives or specific management troubles. Students value the opportunity to contribute, apply their MBA mastering and previous work experience and consequently add to their destiny appoint potential.
Uses of an internship in MBA
Appeal to global skills for your career. MBA college students are best for bringing clean ideas to assist your profession entire initiatives, specifically in areas where you may now not presently have useful resource.
MBA college students are professional in coping with innovative alternate initiatives and may help your business enterprise enforce smarter ways of working.
We will offer a low-cost consultancy and help you increase projects in a number of areas, as an example, enterprise analytics, undertaking management and innovation, social media advertising and marketing, workforce development, business development, advertising and marketing, and new product research to name just a few.
What kind of internship we provide?
MBA students can get a wealth of cultural information and language competencies which might be notably useful for companies seeking to amplify into distinct international markets. The internship could be conduct for six weeks.

  • Class Duration: 1h 59m
  • Viewers: 500
  • Lessons: 5
  • Language:English
  • Skill level:Beginner
  • Students: 50
  • Certificate: :Yes
  • Assessments: yes
What you'll study

MBA Internship will introduce students to the basics of the MBA .We will also build some Real time Applications.

  • Program MBA : a credit-card sized computer
  • Python programming for MBA
  • Interacting and configuring the RPi OS
  • ARM 11 architecture
  • Porting of Linux Kernel and booting RPi

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  • 4.5

    I came here to learn web design. Before coming here I have no idea about that. But after 7 day session I gained little knowledge about that and I got some ideas about web designing.

  • 4.5

    Firstly i would like to thank the faculty members for training me on SEO. I had a very good experience in vlsa global service. faculty members are fully trained and shared their complete knowledge on SEO. All my doubts are cleared immediately Without any hesitation. Once again thanks to DLK Career Development Center.

    Muruganadha Prasad