DLK Career Development Center offers a way for the students to work with live application by offering a internship program. We will be encouraging the students to work with Real time projects

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DLK Career Development Centre in Chennai. Our comprehensive IOT internship in Chennai is designed to provide aspiring professionals like you with hands-on experience and expertise in this exciting domain.

At DLK Career Development Centre, we understand the importance of practical learning. Our IOT internship in Chennai offers you the opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain invaluable insights into the world of IoT technology. With our expert guidance and state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll acquire the skills needed to excel in this dynamic industry, setting you on a path to a successful and fulfilling career in IoT.

DLK Career Development Center holds out top fine IOT Internship in Chennai with an exceedingly able blend of skilled teachers, remarkable and smooth-read Internship materials, and a top notch considering environment. The Internet of Things (IoT) is about gadgets and administrations conveying end-to-end arrangements. Despite the fact that the IoT market is comprised of numerous vertical portions, most applications that can make utilization of Internet associated gadgets have a typical foundation. In expansion, arrange availability changes from application to application, all in all in any case, the IP organizing, security, application layer and gadget administration needs are all normal.

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What You'll Study

IOT Internship will acquaint understudies with the nuts and bolts of the IOT.The Internet of Things (IoT), is the system of physical articles or things installed with gadgets, programming, sensors, and availability to empower items to trade information with the generation, administrator as well as other associated gadgets. We will likewise assemble some Real time Applications. It gives huge open door on the off chance that you could relate this with existing innovations.

Our Curriculam

Section 1: What Is The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Ideas and Definitions -Identification, confinement, remote conventions, information stockpiling and security; Collecting, conveying, planning, and utilizing the information from associated gadgets; see how to create and actualize IoT advances, arrangements, and applications. Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence.


IoT Network Architecture
IoT Device Architecture
IoT Application Architecture
Client Server vs Publish Subscribe Architecture

Role of Cloud Computing in IoT
Tools, API and Platform for integration of IoT devices with Cloud
IoT cloud platform and integration with Gateway (Thingspeak, AWS IoT and Pubnub)
Web services and APIs

Section 2: Sensors
Section 3: IOT Communication Layer
Section 4: IoT Protocols: MQTT/MQTTS, ALLJOYN
Section 5: Project Work


The Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) is made up of a multitude of devices connected by communications software. The resulting systems, and even the individual devices that comprise it, can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and instantly act on information to intelligently change their behavior or their environment — all without human intervention.

There are two perspectives on how the Industrial IoT differs from the IoT.The first perspective is that there are two distinctly separate areas of interest. The Industrial IoT connects critical machines and sensors in high-stakes industries such as aerospace and defense, healthcare and energy. These are systems in which failure often results in life-threatening or other emergency situations. On the other hand, IoT systems tend to be consumer-level devices such as wearable fitness tools, smart home thermometers and automatic pet feeders. They are important and convenient, but breakdowns do not immediately create emergency situations.

I’ll try not to get too technical here. First, there’s the underlying technology, the various wireless radios that allow these devices to connect to the Internet and to each other. These include more familiar standards like Wi-Fi, low-energy Bluetooth, NFC and RFID, and some that you’ve probably haven’t heard of, like ZigBee, Z-Wave and 6LoWPAN

“In IoT the development of big data applications can only be achieved with trusted data, and trusted data can only be sourced from secured devices,” says Beecham Research technical associate Haydn Povey, who is also founder and CEO at Secure Thingz and a former director of Secure Products at ARM Holdings.

A few skills professionals need to have a basic understanding of are – electronic circuit design, microcontroller computing platforms, and programming languages preferably C and Python, networking, and communication technologies, cloud computing and big data. IoT is basically a combination of multiple skills. A diversified skill set is more in demand in IoT. Professionals can choose any of the above-mentioned areas to gain expertise once they have an overall understanding of all the components of IoT, depending on their desired role.

A huge volume of data is being generated as a result of the addition of new sources. In fact, 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day. Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud are all interconnected. As data is not just growing in size but also in variety, there is an increased focus on analysing it in real time to extract important insights. There is a need to develop more effective tools to leverage big data as the conventional tools to store and process data are not enough to handle big data.

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I came here to learn web design. Before coming here I have no idea about that. But after 7 day session I gained little knowledge about that and I got some ideas about web designing.



Firstly i would like to thank the faculty members for training me on SEO. I had a very good experience in vlsa global service. faculty members are fully trained and shared their complete knowledge on SEO. All my doubts are cleared immediately Without any hesitation. Once again thanks to DLK Career Development Center.

Muruganadha Prasad

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