DLK Career Development Center offers a way for the students to work with live application by offering a Training Courses. We will be encouraging the students to work with Real Time projects.

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DLK Career Development Centre in Chennai is your gateway to a promising career in the field of robotics. We provide comprehensive and practical robotics training in chennai courses designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in this dynamic industry. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced enthusiast, our training programs cater to all levels. With a focus on hands-on experience and real-world projects, DLK Chennai ensures that you are well-prepared to contribute to the exciting world of robotics training in chennai.

Our experienced instructors bring their industry knowledge to the classroom, making DLK Chennai the premier choice for robotics training in Chennai. We cover a wide range of topics, from basic principles to advanced robotics applications, and we emphasize problem-solving and innovation. Join DLK Chennai today and take the first step toward a fulfilling career in the thriving robotics field. Enroll now to transform your passion for robotics training in chennai.

Different sorts of Robotic Education are accessible all-through the world where as a rule it will resemble a display in which the understudies will be quite recently appeared with different complex Robots hypothetically or will be made to amass maybe a couple Robots. In any case, our technique for instructing Robots to understudies is particularly organized and useful with the end goal that it actuates imagination. Our Syllabus and our technique for educating is an apparent for that. 

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Training By Certified And Experienced Real Time Developer

Our Trainer Conduct Classes according to Current Market Scenario and shape your Career.

Working On Live Project

We provide Live Project Development that helps our student to build their career as Developer.

Interview Preparation Classes

We Conduct Technical Events like quiz competition, Debates that enhance your knowledge about technology We conduct Interview preparation classes by our Recruitment Department that aware you, how to crack the interview

100% Job Assistance On Every Course

Our IT Staffing Team all time working for our Student’s job placement.

Future Guidance

We provide one year free student membership for Latest Technology Enhancement.

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We provide wifi enabled class rooms.


DLK is a start up working in the field of Activity based instruction. Our goes for Basic Engineering, Programming for all. We have been widely looking into regarding these matters and we have prepared understudies of Engineering standard .Feedback amid the trainings have been taken from understudies and their folks to additionally advance the course by separating it into little exercises. Lessons concentrated on the gadgets side of Arduino. Gadgets is an enormous field. We have done our best to keep things straightforward and concentrated on the utilization of Arduino. I trust you can locate these supportive! We likewise have lessons concentrated on programming Arduino or the product and equipment devices for Arduino.

Our Curriculam

Section 1: Introduction To Extensive Field Of ROBOTICS 6 Hrs

Robots are primarily concerned with generating specific motion of the robot joints, simultaneously allowing tooling or sensors to perform certain functions, either when the arm is moving or at specific operational configurations. The arm and attached tooling may perform the operations themselves (such as painting) or carry parts to other devices which perform the operations

The applications of robotics in recent years have emerged beyond the field of manufacturing or industrial robots itself. Robotic applications are now widely used in medical, transport, underwater, entertainment and military sectors. In the medical field, these applications should be emphasised in view of the increasing challenges owing to the variety of findings in the field of medicine, which requires new inventions to ease work process. The objective of this review paper is to study and present the past and on-going research in medical robotics with emphasis on rehabilitation (assistive care) and surgery robotics which are certainly the two main practical fields where robot applications are commonly used presently. The study found that rehabilitation and surgery robotics applications grow extensively with the finding of new invention, as well as research that is being undertaken and to be undertaken.

A manual robot is a type of manipulation robotic system that requires complete human intervention for its operation. The manual type of robotic system requires a particular kind of human control, a system seldom found in any other type of robotic systems. Manual manipulators comprise a range of robotic systems, from basic to highly advanced, each having a specific control system according to its application.

Section 2: Different Types Of Manual Robots 4 Hrs
Section 3: Gear Assembly And Calculations 8 Hrs
Section 4: Introduction To Electronics 4 Hrs
Section 5: Interfacing 6 Hrs
Section 6: Proteus Software 6Hrs
Section 7: Project Work 8 Hrs

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I came here to learn web design. Before coming here I have no idea about that. But after 7 day session I gained little knowledge about that and I got some ideas about web designing.



Firstly i would like to thank the faculty members for training me on SEO. I had a very good experience in vlsa global service. faculty members are fully trained and shared their complete knowledge on SEO. All my doubts are cleared immediately Without any hesitation. Once again thanks to DLK Career Development Center.

Muruganadha Prasad

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